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1 - 31 March 2023

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Can you help us swim 34,000kms around Australia in one month?

In March, could you swim the 3km Grand Canal in Venice? Or perhaps you could swim the 19km circuit around Sydney Harbour? Maybe you're planning to 'casually' swim the 37km journey across the English Channel or the even the 82km long Panama Canal?

Choose your challenge distance and join us as we collectively swim 34,000 kilometres around Australia while making a difference in the lives of young Australians with neurological conditions, and their families. 


Register as YOU, as a FAMILY or as a TEAM. The Brainwave Klim Swim Challenge will bring us together as we collectively swim around Australia and raise vital funds for children, and their families, with brain injury and illness.

Set your swim goal

How far can you or your team swim in March? Is it the Grand Canal in Venice at 3 kms, Sydney Harbour at 19 kms, Panama Canal at 82 kms or swim to Papua New Guinea at 150 kms? Set the distance goals for YOU, your FAMILY or your TEAM and dive in.


Set your fundraising target and ask your family, friends, colleagues to sponsor you using the resources we have prepared for you and claim your reward for reaching donation milestones!


You’ve got from 1-31 March 2023 to swim anywhere that is safe to reach your goal. Go to Michael’s training tips and keep track and log your KMs as you swim. You can even keep an eye on how far we have collectively swum around Australia

How far will you, or your team, swim in March 2023...

Swim the length of the Grand Canal, Venice

Swim the length of Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Swim the length of Sydney Harbour, New South Wales

Swim the length of the English Channel, United Kingdom

Swimming has given me my pupose, motivation, challenges and rewards in life. This March, it is time to harness swimming to raise awarness of the neurological conditions that affect thousands of Australians, and which also affect me. We will also raise vital funds for Brainwave Australia for children with brain injuries and illnesses, and families.

Michael Klim

The Brainwave Klim Swim Challenge raises money for...


Ten children a day are diagnosed with neurological conditions or acquired brain injuries. They, and their families, will never be the same again. They face financial hardship through losing a breadwinner to be the 24/7 carer, social isolation, exhaustion, guilt, family breakdown and frustration with the health and disability systems.

Started by one of these parents in 1994, Brainwave Australia is the only national organisation to support these children and their families to live their best lives by providing inforrnation and advice, networking with other parents, funding of therapy and equipment, and inclusive family activities.

Today, Brainwave supports over 1,200 families across the country and has partnerships with all the children’s hospitals.

This year, at least an additional 300 new children and their families will come to us for support.

Donate today & you will positively impact a child's life.


Enables a child or family member to attend the annual Brainwave Christmas Party


Pays for a sibling to go to a ‘Kids & Sibs’ day with their brother or sister


Pays for a child or family member to attend the annual Brainwave camp


Provides a used tandem bike to enable a child to go on bike rides with their family

Join the Brainwave Klim Swim Challenge, raise money* and...

..you may soon be striking a pose poolside in our official Brainwave Klim Swim Challenge cap and t-shirt!

Raise over $1,000 and you'll even get a personal thank you video message from Michael Klim!

*Click here to find out about the rewards available for fundraising in the Brainwave Klim Swim Challenge.

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