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I’m swimming to help children, and their families, with brain illnesses and injuries to live their best lives.

Did you know that in Australia, ten children are diagnosed each day with neurological conditions or acquired brain injuries? They, and their families, will never be the same again. They face financial hardship through losing a breadwinner to be the 24/7 carer, social isolation, exhaustion, guilt, family breakdown and frustration with the health and disability systems.

This March, I am swimming to raise vital money for Brainwave Australia, the only national organisation to support these children, and their families, to live their best lives through: information and advice, networking with other parents, funding of therapy and equipment and family activities.

Today, Brainwave supports over 1,200 families across the country, has partnerships with all the children’s hospitals and in 2023, they an additional 300 families will need their support.

Can you help me raise money so these children, and their families, can adapt and thrive?

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